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Human Resources Management

Ano Letivo: 2018/19
It integrates the new generation of managers: a way through people.


IPT's mission is: to expand access to knowledge for the benefit of people and society, through research, teaching and cooperation, in a global training project for the individual. This Master's Degree also assumes the mission of professionalizing Master's degrees in the area of Human Resources Management, in order to ensure the acquisition of a highly qualified specialization. The MSc makes all sense as a formative continuation of the Degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior. Degree with strong demand having, at the level of example, exhausted all the vacancies predicted in the last two academic years. Thus, IPT is prepared so that the students can deepen their knowledge in new markets and enrich their network of national and international contacts that currently holds a high intangible value.



Organizations are undergoing times of disruptive change and intense dynamics that place considerable challenges for its leaders in which human factors are crucial. Today, human resources management is not only about managing traditional activities, it involves a strong focus on organizational diagnostic and intervention and the search for continuous improvement in order to achieve a sustainable HR management that is in line with the organisation’s business strategy. Hands-on technical expertise is required from practitioners that can only be obtained from specialist studies based on lifelong learning. The Master’s Degree in Human Resources aims at providing technical knowledge and operational and strategic skills for a quality performance in human resources management related areas as well as scientific research skills.


Course coordinator

Ana Luísa Junça da Silva

Ana Luísa Junça da Silva

Gabinete: B181
endereço de e-mail

Erasmus coordinator

Paula Alexandra da Cruz Silva Pina de Almeida

Paula Alexandra da Cruz Silva Pina de Almeida

Gabinete: B173
t.: 249328100
ext.: 1124
endereço de e-mail

Administrative Support Staff

Isabel Maria Lopes Pereira

Isabel Maria Lopes Pereira

Gabinete: B 115
t.: 249 328 290
ext.: 3108
endereço de e-mail
Ano Letivo: 2018/19

Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 6419/2017, de 24-07-2017

Plano curricular
Cód. UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
929914 Dissertation Recursos Humanos 48
929916 Internship/PlacementRecursos Humanos 48
929915 ProjectRecursos Humanos 48
1º Semestre
929911 Research SeminarRecursos Humanos 8 Ana Junça
929912 Thematic Seminars on Human Resources ManagementRecursos Humanos 4 Sílvio Brito
Graciete Honrado
Fernanda Aparício
Ana Junça

Condições de Acesso

Applying to the Master of Human Resource Management all first cycle holders in the area. National academic degree holders or equivalent foreign to the 1st cycle in the areas of management and social sciences in general applications will be considered. According to paragraph d) of article 17 of DecreeLaw 74/2006 of March 24, will also be evaluated other candidates deemed suitable by the selection panel on the basis of curriculum analysis. Operating system: Post Work. Friday: 6pm - 10pm; Saturday: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm.


Professional Goals

With this master’s degree students will be equipped to work as:

- HR managers or directors;

- HR technicians;

- Advisers to the Board;

- Technical business analysts;

- Technicians/experts in information systems;

-Project analysts;

- Consultants;

- Career development technicians;

- Vocational training managers;

-Technicians/experts in executive search/head hunting/outplacement;

- Teachers;

- Researchers,

This can take place in private or public businesses/organizations such as central, regional and local administration, HR departments and corporate businesses.

Locais de funcionamento




In the Middle Tejo region and neighboring regions, there are higher education institutions who teach cycles of similar studies. However IPT has established partnerships with: ISPA University; Institute ISEG, in partnership, has taught in one IPT 2nd cycle of studies, ISCSP School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon, in partnership and sharing of teachers of both institutions, and has taught in IPT the 2nd cycle of studies in Management and Public Policy, The University of Salamanca, with a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development.

Ano Letivo: 2018/19