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WPOC - World Point of Contact



The World Point of Contact (WPOC) space aims to support, integrate and guide the student throughout the period of study.

Here you have a group of mentors who are available to support you, without complications, without bureaucracy.

Just as there is not only one way to get somewhere, there are also different ways to promote personal growth and well-being.

We are available to support you in a process that will facilitate your integration, your growth, your development.

Being away from home, family, country can be a challenge! We want to support you on this new journey, help you make new friends, provide a network of logistical, emotional and informal support, seeking to promote your personal growth, help to overcome your limitations and achieve your goals.

We can develop conversations and debates on subjects that you consider pertinent, promoting emotional security to think and act, also providing a space for co-creation and sharing, for national and international students.

You can count on us. We count on you!



Valuing the student, fostering team spirit, inspiring and being inspired, cooperating and sharing, because together we are even stronger!


Where are we

Tomar: On the IPT campus, next to the the printing and photocopying room
Abrantes: In the ESTA main building

You can book with a mentor of your choice, you can also be in this space with your colleagues on co-creation projects
Personalised support room.
Debate space.


We want to listen to you

There are times when we feel alone or simply need an "older brother", one who knows how to give advice, or just who
knows how to listen ...
Here you can choose one of the mentors, if only to vent.


Difficulties you may experience


Search us to:



Tomar - WPOC space on IPT Campus

Abrantes - ESTA Main Building

Come and talk to us or request a mentor at:

e-mail: mentor@wpoc.ipt.pt

website: wpoc.ipt.pt

Join the WPOC Group on the Telegram App
Link: t.me/Wpoc_IPT (pesquisar por/search Grupo Wpoc)