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Centre for Technology, Restoration and Art Enhancement

The mission of TECHN&ART is to develop research strategies and methodologies in the fields of Safeguard and Enhancement of artistic and cultural Heritage, in its diverse forms of expression, within a sustainable, holistic and transdisciplinary approach, aimed at connecting the present and the past. 


Célio Gonçalo Marques, Diretor

Hirondina Alves São Pedro, Secretária;
Hermínia Sol, Vice-Diretor;

Techn&Art undertakes research (both experimental and applied) in the fields of Heritage Safeguard and Enhancement.
Techn&Art also aims to:
a) Contribute to consolidate IPT’s educational offer in the above-mentioned fields of knowledge;
b) Contribute to equip the students with solid foundations by articulating research assignments with those developed by the members of the Centre;
c) Disseminate scientific, technological and artistic culture by promoting conferences, coloquia, seminars, exhibitions and cultural sessions;
d) Promote advanced training of human resources fostering their constant development both scientifically and culturally;
e) Establish interinstitutional cooperation with national and international entities;
f) Use their own and other available resources effectively;
g) Provide consultancy services in their area of expertise.


a) To promote a scientific culture that adopts the procedures required to fulfill the principles of good research practices: integrity, transparency, impartiality, independence and cooperation that are crucial to perform high-quality scientific research;

b) Organise, develop, coordinate, promote and support scientific, technological and artistic research projects in line with the mission of the Centre;

c) Contribute to the support and recognition (by national and/or foreign entities) of research projects proposed by the members of the Centre;

d) Disseminate research and development results and activities through the best available media, namely the publication of scientific papers, edition of scientific, artistic and educational journals, organisation of scientific, artistic and cultural meetings, creation of databases, sample repositories and information systems;

e) Promote the transfer of knowledge and science for entrepreneurs and public bodies;

f) Promote and support advanced training for researchers.


Quinta do Contador, Estrada da Serra
2300-313 Tomar - Portugal

E-mail - sec.techneart@ipt.pt
Site - http://techneart.ipt.pt/pt/

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