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1 - The Institute is an polytechnic institution of higher education in the European area of higher education, provided of skills in the areas of science, technology, arts and humanities, from the outset, compete complementarily for higher education of their students, producing useful knowledge, skills, competencies and skills, preparing them for the labor market and for the exercise of active citizenship in a democratic society.
2 - The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar still takes as its mission: expanding access to knowledge for the benefit of individuals and society through research, education and cooperation in a project for a global training of the individual; active participation in building an European area of research and education, and a model of regional development based in the creation, innovation and enhancement of scientific and technological knowledge.
3 - As part of fulfilling its mission IPT:
a) Do value the work of its researchers, faculty and staff, stimulates intellectual and professional training of its students and, ensures the conditions for all duly qualified citizens that should have access to higher education and lifelong learning;
b) Promote the effective mobility of students and graduates, both national and international level, particularly in the European higher education area and in the Portuguese speaking community;
c) Participate in networking activities to society, in particular for dissemination and transfer of knowledge, as well as economic exploitation of scientific knowledge;
d) contribute to the public understanding of the humanities, arts, science and technology, promoting and organizing actions to support the dissemination of humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological culture, and providing the necessary resources for these purposes.