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The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar was created in 1973 but because of the portuguese revolution in 1974, the process of installation did not materialize.

In 1979, was established as School of Technology of Tomar (ESTT), not integrated, whose installation commission would only be appointed in October 1982 consisting by the President, Professor Pacheco de Amorim, and vowels, Dr Julio Dias das Neves and Dr. Maria do Rosário Baaeta Neves. The first courses started in 1986.

The politics of higher education in Portugal defined that could only be a Polytechnic by District and thus in 1985, the ESTT was integrated in the Polytechnic of Santarém. Later, in 1994, its name was changed to the School of Technology and Management Tomar (ESTGT).

In 1986 came into operation the first undergraduate programmes of IPT: Business & Management (Head Professor José Ribeiro Mendes), Construction (Head Professor António Paiva) and Pulp and Paper Technology (Head Professor Rui Santa Ovaia), with a total of about 90 students.
In 1987 came into operation the undergraduate programme of Graphic Arts (Head Dr António Guilhermino Pires) and, in 1988, the Course of Specialized Studies in Art, Archaeology and Restoration (Head Professor Luis Osterbeek).


In 1996, the then Minister of Education and Science, Eduardo Marçal Grilo, did publish the creation of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT), with the School of Management (ESGT) and the School of Technology (ESTT), both in Tomar, now in its new campus, with effect from January 1, 1997. Was named President's Professor Dr. Pacheco de Amorim, and indicated to his aides Professor José Faria Paixão, Professor José Ribeiro Mendes, cumulating with the Directorate of School of Management, and Professor Rui Santa Ovaia cumulating with the Directorate of School of Technology.

The statutes of the IPT and of the schools have now been approved and Professor Conceição Fortunato took the direction of ESGT and Professor Luis Merca assumed the direction of ESTT.

In 1999, was created in the IPT, the School of Technology of Abrantes (ESTA), directed by Professor Eugenio Pina de Almeida. In 2005, was appointed to head the ESTA, Professor Miguel Pinto dos Santos.

In the 2005 elections, was elected President Professor António Pires da Silva.

In the 2010 elections was elected the current President Eugenio Pina de Almeida. Directors were appointed to ESTT Professor João Coroado, for ESGT Professor Conceição Fortunato and for the ESTA, Professor Luis Ferreira.