Conservation and Restoration
4 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 PL + 2,0 OT


Have previous knowledge of History, Art History and Iconography

The students should understand the concept and scope of iconology, be familiar with the work tools and gain critical skills on iconology related issues.

1. Concept and scope of iconology
- etymology and concept
- iconology and its evolution
- the major contributions
2. The iconological documentation and the different approaches
3.The iconological terminology
- concept and general aspects
- the evolution of western language
4. The colour grammar

Evaluation Methodology
1. Written assessment: one mid-term test and one exam.
2. Presentation and discussion of an individual coursework assignment worth 40% of the total grade.

- Bolvig, A. e Lindley, P. (2003). History and Images. Towards a new iconology. Brepols: Turnhout
- Dubois, J. e Lemaitre, J. (1993). Sources et méthodes de l'hagiographie médièvale. Paris: Cerf
- Gombrich, E. (1970). Aby Warburg. An Intellectual Biography. London: Warburg Institute
- Gonçalves, F. (1990). História da arte: iconografia e crítica. Lisboa: INCM

Method of interaction
Lectures supported by datashow.
Practical lessons comprising iconological interpretation.

Software used in class