History III

Conservation and Restoration

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A general overview of contemporary history through a systematic approach to the major periods and cycles providing a solid basis for in-depth study. Periodisations are founded on institutional history and international relations because they are of a more structural nature.

Introduction: The protoinstitutional Portugal(1789-1820); The Contemporary Portugal (1820-1985): First period. The Constitutional monarchy: Second period. The First Republic: third period. The "Estado Novo" period.

Evaluation Methodology
Two mid-term tests with minimum pass mark of 10/20.
Final written exam for those failing continuous assessment (minimum pass mark:10/20).
An essay that may improve final score by 1 point.

- LARCHER, F. (2015). História Contemporânea. Tomar: Policopiado
- ASA, B. (2000). Historia Contemporanea da Europa, 1789-1989. Barcelona: Crítica
- REMOND, R. (1994). Introdução à história do nosso tempo. Do Antigo Regime aos nossos dias. Lisboa: Gradiva

Method of interaction
Lectures supported by text analysis and debate.

Software used in class