Portuguese History II

Conservation and Restoration

4 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 T + 15,0 TP + 2,0 OT

- Maria Madalena Giraldes Barba Pessoa Jorge Oudinot Larcher

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The students ahould have acquired basic knowledge of the major events in history from the 15th to late 18th century with particular emphasis on maritime expansion - a key factor for the humanistic and cosmopolitan character of Renaissance.

PART I. The 15th century: the birth of Modernity
PART II: The 16th century: The birth of a modern state and the construction of the Empire.
PART III: The Philippine era (1581-1640)
PART IV: The Restoration period (1640-1668)
PART V: From the consolidation of the Bragança Dynasty to the end of the Old regime (1668-1750)
PART VI. King Joseph (1750-1777)
PART VII. The kingdom of Queen Mary I

Evaluation Methodology
Mid-term test with 10/20 required to pass.
Optional essay to improve previous mark (arithmetic average with the test).
Oral examination as required.

- ALBUQUERQUE, L. (1994). Dicionário de História dos Descobrimentos Portugueses. (Vol. 2 vs.). Lisboa: Caminho
- MATTOSO, J. (1992). História de Portugal. (Vol. v.3 e 4). Lisboa: Círculo de Leitores
- VERÍSSIMO SERRÃO, J. (1991). História de Portugal. (Vol. v.4 e 5). Lisboa: Verbo
- AZEVEDO, J. (1921). História dos Cristãos Novos Portugueses. Lisboa: Livraria Clássica

Method of interaction
Lectures supported by audiovisual resources.
Theoretical/practical classes focused on the analysis of historic documents from the abovementioned times.

Software used in class