Conservation and Restoration Project

Conservation and Restoration
6 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 5,0 OT

- Carla Maria P. Calado Rodrigues do Rego
- Fernando Manuel Conceição Costa
- Fernando dos Santos Antunes
- Ricardo Pereira Triães
- Leonor da Costa Pereira Loureiro

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Students should be able to expand previously acquired knowledge and skills and apply them in new situations, develop new competencies adapted to the current labour market as well as develop communication and dissemination strategies.

The student, in the context of the course, should produce:

-One Project in Conservation and Restoration, subordinate to optional specialty he have selected, and whose subject and structure will be submitted, discussed and agreed with the professor, who will ensure the follow-up;

-One public oral presentation of his Project in Conservation and Restoration, supported by multimedia document.

Specialties provided by the Course:
Ceramic materials;Stone materials; Retablos and Woodcarving; Wood sculpture; Furniture; Easel painting; Graphics documents.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment includes:
-Written Research Work - Conservation-Restoration project (80%);
-Public Oral Presentation of Project (10%);
-Computer Multimedia Document supporting the oral presentation(10%).

- BUYS, S. e OAKLEY, V. (1993). The Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics. London: Butterworth, Heinemann
- ORDOÑEZ,, C. e ORDOÑEZ, L. e ROTAECHE, M. (1996). Il Mobile: Conservazione e Restauro. Fiosole: Nardini Editore
- PERUSINI, G. (1989). Il Restauro dei Dipinti e delle Sculture Lignee. Firenze: Del Bianco Editore
- AIRES-BARROS, L. (1991). Alteração e Alterabilidade das rochas. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: Instituto Nacional de Investigação Científica, Centro de Petrologia e Geoquímica da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

Method of interaction
Tutorial sessions to support students in the preparation of projects including the provision of specific reading.

Software used in class
Not applicable.