Applied Research Methodology


Master's degree in Development of Cultural Tourism Products

10 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 75,0 S


Not applicable.

Acquisition of instrumental, interpersonal and systemic skills in research methods applied to the development of cultural tourism products.

1. Reviews of scientific methodology.
2. Portfolio: concept, objectives, organization, development, and assessment 3. Dissertation, Project and Internship of the master?s degree in Development of Cultural Tourism Products
3.1. Theme selection and development
4. The research process: objectives, phases, tools and results. Research modes.
5. Organisation and disclosure of research results....

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment based on class attendance: written test, coursework and exam. 50% test/exam (theoretical), 50% thematic assignment (practical).
Minimum pass grade: 10/20

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Method of interaction
Presentation and experimental method with research, literature review and field trips. Individual or group assignments.

Software used in class