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Pós-Graduação em Business Intelligence

Ano Letivo: 2014/15
 Business Intelligence - decide wisely


 We are at a unique moment in history, a moment of change, where creativity, innovation, adaptation and aggressiveness are essential, where speed and streamlining are crucial. A moment that requires a lot of effort in the training of future leaders, managers and consultants, to prepare them to meet challenges, generate resources and recognise and explore alternatives.

The postgraduate programme in Business Intelligence is the necessary platform to meet the challenges of a world in which increasingly organisations are called to integrate knowledge and manage information in real time in order to meet global challenges. This postgraduate course is intended for all those who wish to be trained to manage smart organisations in a world, which is also increasingly smart.

In an era where organisations strive to develop know-how to analyse, aggregate and monitor the growing amount of available data, it is crucial to have human resources capable of integrating information and managing analysis techniques and intelligent business practices. It's an era where the right decision at the right time is a distinguishing factor.



 The postgraduate programme inBusiness Intelligence is intended for those who wish to obtain the necessary skills to work within intelligent organisations. The structure and contents of the course combines information technologies with management, strategy, internationalisation and decision-making models. It is a unique mix providing the students with cutting-edge competences and abilities in information integration and management and practical use of information technologies. Students will be prepared to work and decide within intelligent organisations for which their intellectual capital is a competitive advantage.


Course coordinator

Olinda Maria dos Santos Sequeira

Olinda Maria dos Santos Sequeira

Gabinete: O209
t.: 249 328 100
ext.: 5181
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Professional Goals

 Holders of a bachelor’sdegree in Business Administration, Computer Engineering and Electrotechnical Engineering or similar are eligible to access this postgraduate programme. The course is also intended for managers, both from private and public organisations.

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Ano Letivo: 2014/15