Information Systems Design

Computer Engineering
4 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 28,0 PL + 28,0 TP + 10,0 OT + 5,0 O

- Paulo Alexandre Gomes dos Santos

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1. Use agile development methodologies to build an integrated business system.
2. Understand the concepts inherent to the modeling of business processes.

1- Agile Development Methodologies: Scrum
2- Enterprise Content Management
3- Business Process Design
4- Introduction to Document Management Systems
5- Introduction to Business Intelligence Systems
6- Development of Integrated Information Systems Project

Evaluation Methodology
20% quizzes for assimilation of theoretical concepts (theoretical classes)
80% integrated project of information systems developed in working groups and subject to presentation and final defense by each of the elements of each group

- Sutherland, J. e Schwaber, K. (2017). The definitive guide to scrum: the rules of the game. US: Scrum.Org
- Laliwala, Z. e Mansuri, I. (2014). Business Process Management Beginner's Guide. UK: Packt Publishing Ltd
- Roldán, M. (2013). Pentaho Data Integration Beginner's Guide. UK: Packt Publishing Ltd

Method of interaction
Lectures and laboratory coursework (teamwork)

Software used in class