TeSP - Design Multimédia
4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP

- Maria de Fátima Matos Navalho Silva Peixoto

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The students should know how to: apply competences in communicative situations in the specific area of the Design Multimedia; use the interpretation capacity and written production, using the English language in a fluent way according to the structural and gramatical rules.

1-New technologies
1.1 Information technology
2.1 Different types of computers systems
3-The world of work
3.1 Safety at work
3.2 Signals in different areas of work
4.1 Formal and informal e-mails
4.2 Analysis and elaboration of different types of e-mails
5-Different types of graphs and tables
5.1 Analysis of graphs and pie charts
5.2 Analysis of tables
6-Images and Graphic Design
7-Web Design vs development
8.1 Analysis and elaboration of reports
9-Curriculum Vitae
9.1 Analysis and elaboration of various CVs
9.2 Analysis and elaboration of a covering letter
10.1 Analysis and elaboration of memos
1-Articles and pronouns
2-Verb tenses
5-Adjectives and adverbs

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Evaluation: Test 60%; Continuous Evaluation 20%; Research work (oral/written) 20%
Periodic Evaluation: Test 80% and Research Work (written/oral) 20%.
Final Evaluation: Written Exam 80% and Resaerch work (oral/written) 20%.

- Glendinning, E. (2008). Oxford English for Careers Technology 2. (Vol. 2). (pp. 52-65). Oxford: Oxford University Press
- Esteras, S. e Fabré, E. (2007). Professional English in Use for Computers and the Internet. (Vol. 1). (pp. 12-30). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
- Wright, S. e Dooley, J. e Evans, V. (2011). Career Paths Information Technology. (Vol. 1). (pp. 4-27). EU: Express Publishing

Method of interaction
Theorical and pratical lessons that develop the competences and understanding in oral and written through analyses of technology documents, Design Multimedia and others.

Software used in class
Not applicable.