Furniture History and Technology

Conservation and Restoration

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- Be familiar with the history and technology of furniture production.
-Recognize the material, technological, artistic and aesthetic nature of an object.
-Practise with production techniques specially decoration and finishing/polishing
-Carry out proj

A. Introduction to the History of Furniture
B. Introduction to Wood Conservation Laboratory
C. Wood: Types, Properties, Characteristics, Defects
D. Resins, Adhesives and Gums
E. Artistic Production of Furniture:
- Wood-Staining with: Aqueous woodstains (Mordants); Transparencies (Dyes) Water and Alcohol Anilines.
- Finishings/Polishings: Abrasive (Dry polishing); Oil; Varnish and Wax; Varnish.

Evaluation Methodology
? Theoretical Component(50%):
- Portfolio-Technical specifications(30%)
- Poster (20%)
? Practical Component(50%):
- Portfolio-Exercises developed in practical classes(40%)
- Class performance (10%)

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Method of interaction
Laboratory sessions including practice on furniture production techniques, decoration and finishing/polishing exercises with the lecturer's support.
Tutorial guidance.

Software used in class