Conservation and Restoration

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1.Provide the students with the comprehension of the concepts applied to Iconography/Iconology and their various forms.
2.Sensitise them to the several levels of interpretation and understanding of a work of art.
3.Provide them with the necessary skills to decode those interpretation levels.

1.Iconography, Iconology and the study of symbols: the value of the image.
2.Classical iconography.
3.Jewish iconography.
4.Christian iconography.
5.Islamic iconography.
6.Profane iconography. A possible systematization.

Evaluation Methodology
A written test for the students with a minimum of 50% of attended classes: a minimum mark of 10/20 exempts them from final examination.
Final examination as applicable.

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Method of interaction
Lectures and practical classes supported by textual sources and datashow.

Software used in class