History 1

Conservation and Restoration

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Students should be familiar with the core topics of Antiquity and the Middle Ages,be acquainted with some historical sources, be able to identify places, characters, religious references and events with interest for the conservator-restorer's activity.

Introd: The chronology of Ancient times and the Middle Ages
From the origins to the 8th century: Egipt, Asia and Europe
The Creco-Latin times(8th century BC - 313 AD)
Christian Tempora. The empire converted to Christianity (313-476)
The growth of the political Augustinianism (476-1077)
The Respublica Christiana (1077-1303)
The victory of Nations over Universalism (1303-1453)

Evaluation Methodology
Two mid-term tests (minimum pass mark of 10/20). Examination for those who fail continuous assessment(minimum pass mark of 10/20). A practical assignment may count 1 grade point towards the overall grade.

- LARCHER, F. (2012). O Mundo ocidental sob a crescente inspiração cristã (313-1453). Tomar: Edição do Autor

Method of interaction
Lectures supported by debate and analysis.

Software used in class
Elearning - platform for providing contents.