Representation Methods

Conservation and Restoration

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Students should develop individual and team skills for representing 2D and 3D objects and be able to create appropriate graphic and drawing structures.Knowledge of representation instruments.

0.Introduction. Representation in C & R: concepts, methods and material means.
1.Tipological graphical representation
2.Drawing Objects.Sketches.Bright-dark. Point and line.
3.Perspective exploded
4.Ornato design:, furniture, ornamental motifs, architecture and interior spaces
5.Reconstitution and prospective design.
5.1.Scientific Drawing. Examples and applications
5.2.Others representation types
6.Portfolio construction. Models and models of artifacts
7.Supports graphics. Organization and presentation: Examples
8.Scale and proportion in representation c & r. Objects and building elements. Geometries and Exercises
9.Constructive Architectural and Design. Design of Urban Space and City fragments.
10.Measuring tecnics elements and spaces in conservation and restoration:
Registration rules and presentation;
conventional techniques representations: examples.
11.Analysis and representation of objects and artifacts: Digital Methods and photographic record; characteristics and application in conservation and restoration.
12.Synthesis of free exercise(final) Tr2

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment: practical coursework and portfolio(Tr1+Tr2): C= 0,5 Tr1 +0,5 Tr2. Collective discussion.
Written test:Ex= 0,5 (Tr1 + Tr2) + 0,5 examination

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Method of interaction
Lectures, tutorials and field trips.
Study visit to places of interest to the teaching of UC.

The UC of Representation Methods, is based on knowledge of the didactic matter of Introduction to Representation Methods.

Software used in class
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