Physics II

Conservation and Restoration

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Students should have acquired such concepts as the physical principles associated with the Theory of Light, the electromagnetic spectrum and chromatic properties of an object as well as the fundamental concepts of Optics that enable them to understand the behaviour of mirrors and lenses.

1- Thermal properties of matter.
2- Wave motion; waves and particles.
3- Nature and propagation of light. Colour analysis.
4- Fundamentals and basic laws of
Ray Optics.
5- Light refraction.
6- Spherical lenses.

Evaluation Methodology
Laboratory assignments worth 2 grade points out of a 0-20 scale.
Mid-term written test during the normal examination season (worth a total of 18 grade points).

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- White, J. (1981). Fundamentals of Optics. Singapore: McGrawHill
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Method of interaction
Lectures. Theoretical/practical classes including laboratorial practice. Experimental work in the physics laboratory.

Software used in class
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