Intercultural Integration Module

Master'’s Degree in Archaeological Techniques
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Students should have a general overview of Portuguese Culture and its place in the global world.

1. Portuguese culture: origins and development.
2. Territory and geography.
3. Arts and forms of rural and urban life.
4. The country's economic approach.
5. Portuguese culture across the world: unity in diversity.
6. The cultural relations between Portugal and the rest of the World.
7. Visual Tour: slide commentary.
8. Discussion and evaluation.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment is continuous and based on class attendance.

- DIAS, P. (1986). (dir.), História da Arte em Portugal. Lisboa: Editorial Alfa
- MUNFORD, L. (1980). Arte e Técnica. Lisboa: Edições 70
- AA, V. (1980). Arquitectura Popular Portuguesa. Lisboa: Associação dos Arquitectos Portugueses
- RIBEIRO, O. (1963). Portugal, O Mediterrâneo e o Atlântico. Lisboa: Sá da Costa Editora

Method of interaction
Presentation of powerpoint slides and discussion.

Software used in class