Master'’s Degree in Archaeological Techniques, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho n.º 7701/2016 09/06/2016

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Analysis of landscape and landforms. Identify the geodynamics processes, current and past, that have shaped the landscape. Be able to make direct observation of processes and landforms. Understanding the evolution of landscape. Identify geomorphic hazards and develop research work.

Geomorphology: object and methods. Fundamentals of relief analysis. Constitution and dynamics of the earth -from processes to form.
Dynamic geomorphology: in situ alterations; forms and types of erosion. Rocks, structures and forms.
Structural geomorphology: forms of relief and geology. Climate and forms. Portuguese geomorphology.

Evaluation Methodology
Practical coursework.

- Summerfield, M. (1991). Global Geomorphology. England: Pearson Educations Limited

Method of interaction
Lectures and map reading exercises.

Software used in class