Sedimentologia e Análises Laboratoriais

Mestrado em Técnicas de Arqueologia
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The students should be able to understand the sedimentary processes and rock change and weathering, the diagenetic processes, identify the granulometry and nature of ballasts, be able to interpret sedimentary deposits and river dynamics.

Rock classification. Sedimentary processes. Rock alteration and decay. The sedimentary rocks. Diagenetic processes. Granulometry. The properties of ballasts. Interpretation of sedimentary deposits. River dynamics.

Evaluation Methodology
Thematic report (50%) and final interdisciplinary exam (50%)

- Ricci Lucchi, F. (1980). Sedimentologia. (Vol. 1 a 3). Bologna: CLUEB
- Friedmann, G. (1978). Priciples of sedimentology.. (Vol. 1). Nova York: Ed. Wiley & Sons

Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical classes.

Software used in class