Data Networks I

Computer Engineering
6 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 42,0 PL + 28,0 TP + 5,0 OT + 5,0 O

- Carlos David Magalhães Queiroz

Not applicable.

The students should be able to design LAN and WAN networks with IP unicast routing; design networks capable to support multicast services; plan and select equipment and provide maintenance support.

- Application layer (operating principles of network applications; application layer protocols)
- Presentation layer (operating principles)
- Session layer (operating principles; sockets)
- Transport layer (UDP and TCP; Mechanisms of the transport layer
- Network layer.

Evaluation Methodology
Theoretical part:
-Written exam (10/20)
Practical part:
-Written exam (2/20)
-Tests (4/20)
- Classwork (4/20)
Passing requirement: A minimum mark of 30% in all four assessment components.

- Monteiro, E. e Boavida, F. (2004). Engenharia de Redes Informáticas. Portugal: FCA
- Kurose, J. e Ross, K. (2004). Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach. Portugal: Addison-Wesley
- Forouzan, B. (2004). Data Communications and Networking. Portugal: McGraw-Hill

Method of interaction
Lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes.

Software used in class