Media Studies

4 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 TP + 4,50 OT

- Maria da Conceição Correia Salvado Pinto Pereira Barras Romana

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Students should be able to:
. identify and develop the key moments of the 20th century thought
. match authors and works to contemporary currents and movements
. identify social issues in the literary works

I. Introduction
1. Literature, identity and memory
2. The dialogism with the other
3. Portuguese and world literature: getting to know ourselves from looking at the others
II. Portuguese literature in the 20s and 60s of the twentieth century
III. Modernity
1. Cultural manifestations of Democratric/European Portugal
The end-of-the century literature

Evaluation Methodology
Ongoing assessment:
- Literary Brainstorming 25%
- thematic assignment - written part 15% discussion 15%
- Closed-book written test (45%)

Final assessment:
exam (closed -book written test)100%

- D'Oliveira Martins, G. (2007). Portugal, Identidade e Diferença. lisboa: Gradiva
- Lourenço, E. (2001). Labirinto da Saudade. lisboa: Gradiva
- Silva, A. (2000). Ensaios sobre literatura...;. (Vol. I; II). Lsboa: Ancora
- Prado Coelho, E. (2004). O fio da modernidade. lisboa: Noticias
- Bourdieu, P. (1996). As Regras da Arte genese e estrutura do Campo Literário. lisboa: Editorial Presença
- Benjamin, W. (2016). Ensaios sobre literatura. lisboa: Assirio e Alvim

Method of interaction
Lectures and tutorials including reading and analysis of literary works and critical texts

Software used in class