Applied Financial Project

Business Administration
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- Olinda Maria dos Santos Sequeira

Doesn´t exist, however is necessary to have a good command of previous finance-related courses.

The students should be able to draw up a global financial project using the know-how acquired in finance-related courses.

One. introduction
1.1. General approach to the program
1.2. Entrepreneurship and innovation
1.3. Classification Project
1.4. Types of investments / projects

2nd. Feasibility studies for a project

2.1. Technical and economic studies
2.1.1. Analysis of external factors
2.1.2. Market research / segmentation.
2.1.3. Technology and operations
2.1.4. Human resources
2.1.5. Environmental analysis and energy efficiency.
2.2. Determination of competitive condition and selection strategies
2.2.1. Strategic Options
2.2.2. Selection of investments
2.3. Economic and financial studies
2.3.1. Investment plan
2.3.2. Operating plan
2.3.3. Financing Plan

3rd. Concept and determination of the Cash Flow

3.1. Optics Investor
3.2. Optical Project

4th. Main criteria of profitability and methods of evaluation.

4.1. NPV
4.2. IRR
4.3. payback period
4.4. PIR

5th. Analysis of risk and uncertainty
5.1. Types of scenarios
5.2. Real options

6th. Structuring, drafting and submission of the draft Financial

Evaluation Methodology
Presentation and discussion of the Analysis/Opportunity Plan, the Business Plan and project reports. (Colletive evaluation - 60% and individual evaluation 40%).

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Method of interaction
Theoretical/practical classes and tutorial guidance.

Software used in class