TeSP - Manutenção de Sistemas Mecatrónicos
4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 22,50 T + 22,50 TP + 1,50 OT

- Ana Paula Gomes Ribeiro Rafael

Does not apply.

Students should be able to:
- Acquire and apply vocabulary related to mechanics, electronics, industrial automation and maintenance.
- Acquire and apply the grammar needed to achieve the aforementioned goals.

a)1. Introducing oneself and others;
a)2. Numbers and basic mathematics;
a)3. Vocabulary related to mechanics, electronics, industrial automation and maintenance.
b)1. Personal and demonstrative pronouns;
b)2. Possessive pronouns and determiners;
b)3. Definite and indefinite articles;
b)4. Degree and order of adjectives;
b)5. Present Simple vs Present Continuous;
b)6. Past Simple vs Present Perfect;
b)7. Future Simple;
b)8. 1st and 2nd Conditionals.

Evaluation Methodology
One written test at the end of the semester:(60%)

Oral and written exercises/participation in class and class attendance: (20%)

Final written and oral research assignment: (20%).

- Bolton, D. e Oscarson, M. e Peterson, L. (1993). Basic Working Grammar. Lisboa: Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd e Lisboa Editora, Lda
- Dearholt, J. (2012). Career Paths - Mechanics. Berkshire: Express Publishing
- Lloyd, C. e Frazier, J. (2011). Career Paths - Engineering. Berkshire: Express Publishing

Method of interaction
Reading, listening, speaking and writing and grammar exercises during theoretical and theoretical-practical classes

Software used in class
Does not apply.