Máquinas Térmicas

Engenharia Mecânica
5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 TP + 30,0 P + 3,0 OT

- Flávio Rodrigues Fernandes Chaves

Basic concepts of thermodynamics, heat transfer, kinematics and chemistry.

Technical training on the operation of piston engines (diesel and explosion). Project and design of heat engines: dimensioning parameters, construction, performance and its impact on energy production, pollutant emissions, fuel consumption, etc..

1.Engine types and their operations
2.Engine friction and lubrication
3.Engine cooling
4.Engine design and operating parameters
5.Thermochemistry of fuel-air mixtures
6.Properties of working fluids
7.Ideal models of engine cycles
8.Gas exchange processes
9.Pollutant formation and control
10.Engine operating characteristics
11.Thermodynamic cystems and cycles

Evaluation Methodology
Written test (50% of final grade)
One or more assignments (50% of final grade)

- Heywood, J. (2014). Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals. : McGraw-Hill
- Çengel , Y. e Boles, M. (2007). Termodinâmica. (Vol. .). .: McGraw Hill

Method of interaction
Theoretical/practical classes to present the basic concepts. The students will have the opportunity to solve practical problems and reflect on the results.

Software used in class