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Bachelor's Degree in Bank Management and Administration


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.



The study program provides training in the following areas:

· Mathematics ? 14 ECTS

· Management - 38 ECTS

· Economics - 6 ECTS

· Information and Communication Technologies - 4 ECTS

· Accounting - 45 ECTS

· Law - 8 ECTS

· Finance ? 50 ECTS

· Human Resources - 11 ECTS

· Marketing - 4 ECTS


Course coordinator

Luís António Antunes Francisco

Luís António Antunes Francisco

Gabinete: O217
t.: 249328100
ext.: 1123
endereço de e-mail

Erasmus coordinator

José Manuel Barros Pinheiro Nogueira

José Manuel Barros Pinheiro Nogueira

Gabinete: O209
ext.: 2102
endereço de e-mail

Publication in the Diário da República: Bolonha 2008/09 [DR. 20757/2008 07.08.2008]

Plano curricular
UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
1º Semestre
Bank Services Production ManagementGestão 4
EconomicsEconomia 6
Financial Accounting IContabilidades 6
Information and Innovation Technologies in Financial InstitutionsTecnologias da Informação e Comunicação 4
Introduction to ManagementGestão 6
MathematicsMatemática 6
2º Semestre
Financial Accounting IIContabilidades 6
Human Resources ManagementRecursos Humanos 6
Introduction to Financial MarketsFinanceiras 4
Introduction to LawDireito 4
Operational Business ManagementGestão 4
Probability and StatisticsMatemática 4


Plano curricular
UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
1º Semestre
Bank AccountingContabilidades 5
Banking LawDireito 4
Financial CalculusFinanceiras 5
Management Accounting IContabilidades 6
Statistical DecisionMatemática 4
TaxationContabilidades 5
2º Semestre
Development of Interpersonal SkillsRecursos Humanos 5
EntrepreneurshipGestão 6
Management Accounting IIContabilidades 6
Quality Management in Financial ServicesGestão 4
Strategic Management in Financial InstitutionsGestão 5
Taxation of Banking and Financial ProductsContabilidades 5


Plano curricular
UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
1º Semestre
Bank Financial AnalysisFinanceiras 5
Bank Financing and Credit IFinanceiras 5
Derivative Products and MarketsFinanceiras 5
Management of Financial Assets and LiabilitiesFinanceiras 5
Operational Investment AnalysisGestão 5
Principles of Financial MarketingMarketing 4
2º Semestre
AuditingContabilidades 6
Bank Financing and Credit IIFinanceiras 5
Control and PerformanceGestão 4
Corporate FinanceFinanceiras 5
International FinanceFinanceiras 6
Risk AnalysisFinanceiras 5

Professional Goals

Graduates in Bank Management and Administration should be able to perform as: credit risk analysts, bank auditors, account managers, banking managers, banking technicians, financial analysts and consultants, financial directors, treasury directors, accounting directors, planning and control directors, internal audit directors, private banking directors, banking trainers, high-level technicians and advisers in all abovementioned areas.