TeSP - Tecnologia e Programação em Sistemas de Informação
5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP

- Vasco Renato Marques Gestosa da Silva
- Rui Miguel Sardinha Proença
- Célia Maria Nunes Barreto

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The student should develop skills to:

a)edit, create and develope animations.

a)characterize, develop, edit and manipulate vector images and prepare formats

a) Process, retouch and correct images;
b) Select, restore and manipulate images.

Flash module:
1) Initial Concepts
2) Symbols
3) Linear Animation
4) Motion Tweening
5) Shape Tweening
6) Animation Frame-By-Frame
7) Actions-Action Script 3

1)Bitmap and vector images.
2)Edition and production of vector images
3)Colour modes, models and systems.
4)File format.

1 Image formats
2 Basic Corretions
3 Edition, processing and image correction
4 The selection tools
5 Selection and basic image manipulation
6 Layers in Photoshop
7 The advanced image manipulation
8 Recovery and restoration of old photographs
9 Automation in Photoshop

Evaluation Methodology
Flash module
Exercises in class (30%) + Project (70%)

Illustrator module
Exercises in class (30%) + Project (70%)

Photoshop Module
Average of the exercises performed

- Adobe Creative Team, A. (2012). Adobe Illustrator CS6: Classroom in a book. (Vol. 1). New Jersey: Adobe Press
- Lélis, C. (2009). Illustrator CS3 & CS4 - Curso Completo. (Vol. 1). Lisba: FCA
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- Danaher, S. (2003). Adobe Photoshop Every tool explained!. (Vol. 1). Londres: Future Publishing Ltd

Method of interaction
Theorical and Practical lectures with solve practical cases

Lectures supported by audiovisual resources.
Implementation of practical exercises.

Theoretical lessons with practical exemplification and monitoring

Software used in class
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop