The Artwork and its Context

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Provide the critical capacity of students, the analysis of the design, production and artwork reading, as a result of two reference points: Intellectual Background and physical environment.Conditioning aspects of technical and creative output in the work of art in its cultural context.

The historical and documentary value of art.Component aesthetic and symbolic.A Artwork and the living space.Methods perception.
Approach through research exercises on the artwork production conditions through time.Respect knowledge: MATERIALS-FINISHES AND ELEMENTS USED IN WORK OF ART and its design.
Study of case studies, based on critical texts of reference and criteria for analysis of the relationship between the materials used and their physical layout in the work, being equated mental and physical focus through examples to elucidate the chosen theme.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment: practical assignment (30%) and discussion of final research project work (70%). Critical analysis of case studies.
Public discussion and presentation.

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Method of interaction
Exploratory Lectures and practical sessions focused on the discussion and presentation of practical assignments to peers.

Software used in class
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