Master's degree in Editorial Design
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP + 3,0 OT + 3,0 O

- Luis Filipe Cunha Moreira

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1. Understand the main role of typography in graphic design.
2. Recognise the most important typefaces.
3. Learn how to choose and use typography properly;
4. Design modular fonts.

1. Calligraphy and typography across time;
2. Reading and legibility;
3. Typographic analysis;
4. Typefaces designers;
5. Digital typography and modular typefaces design.

Evaluation Methodology
Frequency evaluation will be continuous and includes the presentation of two compulsory practical assignments (weight of 70% for the first project - typographic font - and 30% for the second project).
The exam will be done with presentation of the same two practical works.

- Haslam, A. e Baines, P. (2002). Type and Typography. Londres: Laurence King Publishing
- Cheng, K. (2006). Designing Type. Londres: Laurence King Publishing
- Bringhurst, R. (1997). The Elements of Typographic Style. Vancouver: Hartley & Marks
- Henestrosa, C. e Meseguer, L. e Scaglione, J. (2012). Como criar tipos: do esboço à tela. Brasil: Estereográfica

Method of interaction
1. Lectures using datashow presentations;
2. Tutorials based on project files with guidance and follow up;
3.Development of typographic design projects.

Software used in class
Adobe Illustrator, FontLab