Prehistory Seminar

Master's degree in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho nº 17071/2009 - 23/07/2009

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 8,0 T + 4,0 PL + 4,0 TP + 24,0 S

- Luiz Miguel Oosterbeek

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Interdisciplinary articulation of the projects carried out by first-year Master's students and the projects undertaken by the second-year doctoral students. Debates on research issues.

1. Introduction to the course and research units
2. Scientific areas and dissertations
3. Resources
4. Interdisciplinary work
5. Definition of the first research work on the characterisation of the local sites.

Evaluation Methodology
Individual assignment and class participation (Assignments will include: location, geographic and geomorphological context, description, contextual comparison, bibliography). Examination.


Method of interaction
Lectures supported by debates and critical reading.

Software used in class