5 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 42,0 TP

- Jorge Morarji dos Remédios Dias Mascarenhas
- Fernando Dias Martins

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Know the various processes of execution in construction works; including execution techniques, function of materials, execution sequences, equipment involved, advantages and disadvantages of each process.
Ability to recognize the various equipment, understand decisions on the choice of appropriate processes and means employed as well as good environmental enforcement practices and good compliance with applicable legislation.

I.-Introduction to construction
-Brief notions on how to build
II-Building Construction Processes and Techniques
1-Preparatory work;
3-Land movements;
4-Foundations (direct, indirect and cellars);
5-Containment of land;
6-Traditional exterior wall (functional requirements);
7-Structures of buildings (wood, concrete and metal);
8-Roof structure;
9-Constitution and requirements of various constructive details;
11-Special construction processes;
II.-Construction and the environment. Importance of soil, water, biodiversity and free services provided by nature. Legislation applicable

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment: Written Test
If the result of the evaluation is equal to or greater than 09.5 values, there will be a waiver of exam.
The evaluation under examination will be done in the same way.


Method of interaction
The expository method is used to explain the main theoretical themes is use audiovisual illustrations with various details of the execution of the construction processes.

Software used in class
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