Critique on Contemporary Photography 1

6 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 S + 5,0 OT

- Nuno Miguel de Sousa Vieira

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a) develop and enhance the knowledge on practices A.C. and F .;
b) Crossing the information on the practice of A.C. and F .;
c) Provide analytical tools adapted to reflect the practice of photography;
d) Identify the F. practice of contingencies in contemporary times;

1. Operating fields and definition of concepts taking as its starting point the production side.
2. Modernism, criticism and refounding:
3. Contemporary art in general and photography in particular and its multiple directions and conceptual contingencies.

Evaluation Methodology
Assessment is based on practical assignments and its oral presentation done individually or as part of a team (70%) and a final written project (30%).

- Didi-Heberman, G. (2013). O Que Vemos, O Que nos Olha. Lisboa: Editora 34
- Baudelaire, C. (2004). O Pintor da Vida Moderna. Lisboa: Vega
- Barthes, R. (2012). A Câmara Clara. .: Edições 70
- Marleau-Ponty , M. (2000). O Olho e o espí­rito. Lisboa: Vega

Method of interaction
Theoretical classes, debates, case studies, text analysis, individual and group presentations.

Software used in class