Fluid Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho nº 14312/2015 - 02/12/2015

5 ECTS; 2º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 T + 15,0 PL + 30,0 TP + 3,50 OT

- Flávio Rodrigues Fernandes Chaves

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An initial approach to Fluid Mechanics is presented from the point of view of a Mechanical Engineer. The examples of application that are presented illustrate problems that are encountered by Mechanical Engineers in their daily work. The structure of the course is also tailored to review previous concepts and provide solid foundation for subsequent courses.

1. Introduction.
1.1 Dimensions and units.
1.2 Density, specific volume.
1.3 Viscosity.
1.4 Compressibility.
1.5 Vapor pressure.
1.6 Surface tension and capillarity.

2. Fluid statics.
2.1 Absolute and relative pressures.
2.2 Hydrostatic pressure.
2.3 Pressure measurement.
2.5 Hydrostatic force on a plane surface.
2.6 Hydrostatic force on a curved surface.
2.7 Buoyancy.

3. Fluid dynamics and the Bernoulli equation.
3.1 Bernoulli equation.
3.2 Static, dynamic and total pressure.
3.3 The energy line and the hydraulic grade line
3.4 Examples of application.
3.5 Limitations of the Bernoulli equation.

4. Fluid kinematics.
4.1 Velocity fields.
4.2 Streamlines, streaklines and pathlines
4.3 Acceleration field.
4.4 Control volumes.
4.5 Reynolds transport theorem.
4.6 Equation of continuity.
4.7 Linear Momentum Equation.

5 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude.
5.1 Dimensional analysis.
5.2 Buckingham Pi Theorem.
5.3 Determination of Pi Terms.

6 Pipe flow.
6.1 General characteristics.
6.2 Laminar and turbulent regimes.
6.3 Dimensional analysis of pipe flow.
6.4 Examples of application.
6.5 Flow measurement.

7. Differential analysis of fluid flow.
7.1 Conservation of mass.
7.2 Conservation of linear momentum.
7.3 Non-viscous flows.
7.4 Viscous flows and the Navier-Stokes equations.

Evaluation Methodology
Two tests during the semester (50% + 50%) or a final exam (100% of final grade).
Minimum pass grade of 10/20.

- Munson, B. e Okiishi, T. e Huebsch, W. e Rothmayer, A. (2013). Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. EUA: Wiley
- Oliveira, L. e Lopes, A. (2016). Mecânica dos Fluidos. Lisboa: Lidel

Method of interaction
Theoretical, practical and laboratory classes.

Software used in class
Not applicable.