Applied Mechanics I

Mechanical Engineering
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 T + 45,0 TP + 3,50 OT

- Carlos Alexandre Campos Pais Coelho

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Provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge to the modeling of real problems of Mechanics Physics.
Provide an introduction to the Static equilibrium.
Determine Centroids and Centres of Gravity
Examine structures and machinery.

1. Statics of Particles
1.1.Forces in the plane
1.2.Equivalent of a system forces
1.3.Forces in space
2. Rigid Bodies: Equivalent of Forces System
2.1. Internal and external forces
2.2. Equivalent Forces
2.3. Vector product of two vectors
2.4. Moment of a force about a point
2.5. Varignon theorem
2.6. Scalar produt of two vectors
2.7. Scalar triple product
2.8. Moment of a force about an axis
2.9. Moment of a couple
2.10. Equivalent couples
2.11. Reduction of a system of forces to one force and a couple
3. Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
3.1. 2D equilibrium
3.2. 3D equilibrium
4. Centroids and Centers of Gravity
4.1. 2D bodies
4.2. 3D bodies
5. Structures
5.1. Definition of trusses
5.2. Analysis of trusses by the methods of Knots and of Sections
5.3. Analysis of structure

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous evaluation:
The final grade (NFinal) is calculated considering the exams grades (NProvas) and individual coursework (NTrab.):
NFinal=0,75xNprovas+0,25xNtrab or only NProvas
Final grade: Written exam


Method of interaction
The theoretical concepts will be presented in classroom with the aid of audiovisual media. Worksheets will be resolved in class.

Software used in class