Physics I

Conservation and Restoration

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Provide skills that will allow the students to relate the concepts learned with daily phenomena. Basic physical principles related to kinematics and dynamics. Static equilibrium. Physical properties of some materials.

1 ? Unit Systems. Magnitudes. Vector calculus.
Physical quantity and order of magnitude. Scientific notation. International system of units (SI): base units and derived units. Physical quantities. Dimensional analysis of a physical quantity. Scalar quantity and vector quantity. Vector definition; representation in a system of orthogonal axes in two dimensions. Unit vectors. Mathematical operations with vectors.
2 ? Mechanics: kinematics basic concepts. Position, displacement, average speed, instant velocity and average acceleration: SI units. Graphs in kinematics. Uniform circular motion: frequency, period, angular velocity, velocity.
3 ? Mechanics: interactions and forces. Force: definition and unit SI. Definition of some forces such as: weight, normal force, tension, friction, impulsion. Mass and body weight. Newton´s Law. Static equilibrium. Pression exerted by a force: definition and unit SI.
4- Mechanics: energy. Forms of energy. Potential and kinetic energy.
5- Mechanical properties of materials. Density and
relative density. Pressure in a liquid. Archimedes' Principle. Compressibility and Young Modulus.
6- Thermal properties of materials. Linear dilation. Linear dilation coefficient. Volumetric dilation. Heat capacity. Specific heat. Conduction convection and radiation heat transfer.
7- Porosity. Porous materials: real density and apparent density porosity. Determining the porosity of a material: method description.

Evaluation Methodology
One mid-term written test or examination worth a total of 20 marks.

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Method of interaction
Lectures. Theoretical/practical lessons focused on problem-solving with the support of the lecturer.

Software used in class
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