Introduction to meteorology, climate and extreme events

TeSP - Segurança e Proteção Civil, Publication in the Diário da República - Aviso nº 13406/2016 - 31/10/2016

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP

- Rui Manuel Domingos Gonçalves

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It is intended that the student seize the basic principles of the composition and structure of the atmosphere and the climatic system. The student must also acquire knowledge that allow an understanding of the fundamental physical processes of meteorology, extreme phenomena and climate.

I-Meteorology 1. Introduction: The atmosphere and the climatic System 2. Clouds and precipitation 3. The wind. Global, local and regional circulation 4. Synoptic meteorology II-climate and extreme phenomena 1. Introduction to Climate 2. Introduction and characterization of natural and mixed risks 3. Monitoring, warning and alert systems. Risk Letters 4. Climate change and extreme phenomena.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous Evaluation: Realization and presentation of 1 mandatory written work (30%) and online written frequency (70%). Evaluation by examination: for students who did not have a continuous evaluation and/or scored less than 10. An online written test (80%) and the presentation of a mandatory work. At any evaluation period, in case of doubt students may be asked to take a single and mandatory oral examination (unique call); the non-appearance in this exam will result in the non-approval to this discipline.

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- Miranda, P. (2009). Meteorologia e ambiente : fundamentos de meteorologia, clima e ambiente atmosférico. (Vol. 219). Lisboa: Universidade Aberta, ISBN: 978-972-674-655-3
- Ruddiman, W. (2008). Earth's Climate Past and Future. USA: Freeman, ISBN-13: 978-0716737414

Method of interaction
Theoretical classes and in-person expository practices. Visualization of videos and documentary series on meteorology, extreme phenomena and climate. Practical classes with online analysis of various meteorological parameters (temperature, precipitat

Software used in class
ArcGIS, Grads (online)