Research Seminar


Pós-Graduação em Arqueologia Subaquática

2 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 TP



Be able to develop a research activity. Know how to recognize the different research methodologies and the most appropriate for each archaeological work underwater.
Know developing techniques and methodology for the presentation of their projects and ideas skills.

What is the scientific research.
2. Scientific method
3. Archaeology and subjectivity in the humanities
4. Formal standards of research
5. Types of research.
6. Observational studies, surveys and data analysis
7. Different approaches and bibliographic citations
8. Case studies and solutions.
9. Presentations and methods of attracting interest.

Evaluation Methodology
Two evaluation periods (frequency and examination)
Review work and presentation of scientific research.

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Method of interaction
Distance learning, through classroom and e-learning/Wimba platform.

Software used in class
E-learning; Wimba; Java;