Principles and Practices of Diving Operations

Pós-Graduação em Arqueologia Subaquática

ECTS; º Ano, , 0,0 T + 0,0 PL + 0,0 TP + 0,0 P + 0,0 TC + 0,0 S + 0,0 E + 0,0 OT + 0,0 O


OWD diving course or similar

-Able to plan and know how to take powers Official Safety Diving, Project Leader and Archaeologist.
-Recognize safety procedures in scientific diving and strengthen skills in diving techniques, understanding the differences between recreational and scie

1. Principles and basic rules for scientific diving
2. Logistical planning of scientific diving activities
3. Competencies of a DSD, PL and Field Archaeologist
4. Psychology diving: Divers Behaviors in stress; motivation; limit
5. Diving Physiology
6. Buoyancy
7. Use of compressors and other equipment associated with diving.

Evaluation Methodology
Review practical test dive.


Method of interaction
Distance learning, through classroom and e-learning/Wimba platform.

Software used in class
E-learning; Wimba; Java;