Natural Resources Modelling

Master of Geographic Information Systems in Planning and Territory Management

8 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP


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Understand the biological and physical components of natural and humanized ecosystems, providing tools for the simulation of behavior of different ecological systems. Acquire the ability to analyze qualitative results of a simulation model.

1. Natural Resources Management
Concepts of natural resources management and biodiversity conservation.
Environmental Modeling of soil and climatic factors.
Methodologies for decision support in multi-functional management of natural areas and agro-forestry spaces.
2. Modeling of risks and impacts
Modeling of natural hazards and methodologies for evaluating environmental impacts.

Evaluation Methodology
Report of pratical exercice.

- Brimicombe, A. (2010). GIS, environmental modeling and engineering.CRC Press.. x: CRC Press.
- Honachefsky, W. (2000). Ecologically Based Municipal Land Use Planning. Londres/Nova Iorque.: Lewis Publishers
- Marsh, W. (1997). Landscape Planning: Environmental Applications. Londres/Nova Iorque.: John Wiley & Sons

Method of interaction
Theoretical classes: Lectures. Practical classes: the students will solve practical exercises. There will be team exercises involving the analysis of geographic and alphanumeric data.

Software used in class
HEC-RAS. ArcGis. QGIS.InVest