Geo-Information Records

Master of Geographic Information Systems in Planning and Territory Management

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP


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Endow the students about: planning, implementation and maintenance of cadastral survey records; collection methods in the field; processes and techniques of GIS and computerization of cadastral data; implementation of cadastral survey; computerization and geoprocessing cadastral data GIS.

1. Land register: general concepts, definitions and legislation.
2. Structure and contents of the register.
3. Technical standards for the demarcation of buildings.
4. Production of the cadastre and cadastral surveys. Methods and techniques. Accuracy and quality in cadastral production.
5. Stages of execution of a land registry operation.
6. Cadastral assessment. Property inventory.
7. Technical specifications for the computerization of the cadastre.
8. Geoinformation in cadastre. Structure and model of data. Geoprocessing of cadastral data.
9. Case study - National System for Exploration and Management of Cadastral Information (SINERGIC).
10. Contact with the operations used in the execution and conservation of the cadastre. Follow-up of a cadastral conservation operation (field class, with the collaboration of DGT - Castelo Branco Delegation).
11. Observation and analysis of field results in a cadastral conservation operation (class at the facilities of the DGT - Delegation of Castelo Branco

Evaluation Methodology
Practical report.

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Method of interaction
Presencial. Based on the expositive and demonstrative methods. The students will do a practical exercise which integrates all the techniques of computerization of cadastral data and geoprocessing GIS methods.

Software used in class
ArcGis. Trimble