Periodical Publication Design

Master's degree in Editorial Design
10 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 90,0 TP + 6,0 OT + 4,0 O


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1. Designing contents of a periodical edition according to rules of formal coherence, legibility and reading flows.
2. To develop and present a magazine, newspaper or other kind of periodical edition design project adapted to the particularities of its content;
3. Acquire skills in Adobe Indesign software, suitable for the development of editorial design projects.

1. Context and evolution course of editorial design and periodical editions design;
2. Magazine formats and suitability to their function; typologies; parts of a magazine; magazine cover design;
3. Newspaper formats and suitability to their function; parts of a newspaper; design analysis of contemporary and non-contemporary newspapers;
4. Text and images;

Evaluation Methodology
Mid-term and exam-based assessments
Final grade is the weighted average of:
- Paging exercises: 25%
- Final Project: 60%
- Active participation in learning activities: 15%

- HELLER, S. (2003). Merz to Emigre. New York: Phaidon Press
- LESLIE, J. (2003). New Magazine Design. Barcelona: Laurence King Publishing
- HARROWER, T. (2007). The Newspaper Design Handbook. USA: McGraw-Hill
- CALDWELL, C. e ZAPATERRA, Y. (2014). Editorial Design: Digital and Print.. London: Laurence King Publishing

Method of interaction
1. Lectures supported by datashow;
2. Mentoring and follow-up of students? article layouts;
3. Graphic design projects of periodicals.

Software used in class
Adobe InDesign