Book Design

Master's degree in Editorial Design
8 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP + 4,0 OT + 4,0 O

- Luis Filipe Cunha Moreira

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1. Develop a book design project fitted to its content; 2. Design the graphic layout for a collection; 3. Be familiar with the specificities of the production flow of a book; 4. Create an original approach to book design.

1. formats; 2. Cover Design (collections and one of a kind); 3 Grids and content; 4. The parts of a book; 5. Hierarchies of information; 6. Multilingual Books; 7. text and iconography; 8. Techniques for page layout; 9 Indexes; 10. Professionals working for a book; 11. Projects: Designing two books

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous evaluation with presentation of two projects (worth 50% each).
Assessment in exam with presentation of the same two projects (worth 50% each).

- Tondreau, B. (2009). Layout Design: 100 Design Principles for Building Grids. Beverly, USA: Rockport Publishers
- Birdsall, D. (2004). Notes on Book Design. New Haven, USA: Yale University Press
- Hochuli, J. e Kinross, R. (2003). Designing books: practice and theory. Londres: Hyphen Press
- Haslam, A. (2006). Book Design. Londres: Laurence King Publishing

Method of interaction
1. Lectures supported by datashow; 2.Practical lessons including practical exercises; 3.Preparation of book design projects with guidance.

Software used in class
Adobe InDesign