Master's degree in Editorial Design, Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho nº 7904/2013 - 18/06/2013

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP + 3,0 OT + 3,0 O

- João Manuel de Sousa Nunes Costa Rosa

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1. Understand the potential of new media / digital publishing media
2. Understand and distinguish different eBook formats
3. Know the main categories of apps and eReaders devices
4. Edit and format ebooks
5. Develop an editorial design project for an ebook

1. Print publishing vs. digital publishing
2. Digital Publishing Overview
3. What is an eBook
4. eBook file formats
5. The main categories of apps and eReaders devices
6. Creating dynamic and interactive files (Adobe InDesign)
7. Creating EPUB files (Adobe InDesign)

Evaluation Methodology
Frequency and Exam evaluation: presentation of one ebook project.

- Burke, P. (2013). ePublishing with InDesign CS6: Design and produce digital publications for tablets, ereaders, smartphones, and more. EUA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
- Castro, E. (2011). EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders. Berkeley (EUA): Peachpit Press
- Diane, B. e Cohen, S. (2014). Digital Publishing with Adobe InDesign CC: Moving Beyond Print to Digital. EUA: Adobe Press

Method of interaction
1. Lectures and demos supported by datashow
2. Tutorials including problem solving
3. Project development

Software used in class
Adobe InDesign; Adobe Digital Editions