Art and Culture II

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Continuing the studies began in Arte e Cultura I, we discuss now Modern and Contemporary Ages.
The aim is to provide students with the means that enable them to understand the artistic and cultural evolution, treat and analyse critically information develop critical thinking and civic awareness.

I-Theories of Modern of Art .
1- Four centuries of an artistic paradigm :
1.1-The work of Art as a visual narrative
1.2-The importance of Semiology in art objects
2- The diffusion of Treatises
3-Art in the "City of Men"
3.1-Architecture and urban space.
3.2-Architecture and urban "Utopias"
4-The great iconographic programs
II- The Enlightenment: its impact on Culture and Arts
1-New genres and plastic experimentation.
3-Diderot and the origin of Art Criticism.
3-Wincklemann and the birth of History of Art.
4-Academicism, historicisms and the importance of quotidian art.
III-The XX century
1- The Theories of Art in Contemporary: the idea of the end of art.
2-The museums as instruments of power
3-New clients and new markets for Contemporary Art.

Evaluation Methodology
Preparation, presentation and defense of an original research project work (80%)
Capacity of reflection and discussion of the subjects teached in lectures;originality of works; presence in lectures.

- BARTHES, Roland, J. Elementos de Semiologia. Lisboa: Edições 70
- ECO, umberto, J. (1989). A obra Aberta. Lisboa: Difel
- JOLY, Martine, D. (2003). A imagem e a sua interpretação. Lisboa: Edições 70
- VENTURI, Lionello, G. (1984). História da Crítica de Arte. (Vol. I). Lisboa: Edições 70

Method of interaction
Theoretical and practical lessons supported by analysis of works of art and texts interpretation, in order to understand and characterize the culture, mentality, aesthetics and the artistic production of these period.
Field trips.

Software used in class
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