History of photography 2

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 T + 10,0 OT

- Valter Nuno Garcez da Silva Ventura

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The aim of the UC of History of Photography 2 is to create a framework of technological, cultural and sociopolitical references, based on a historical context, allowing the student to develop a critical analysis based on knowledge and understanding of historical facts related to the image.

1. Visions of war and violence representation.
2. Social realism and photographic reportage.
3. Photography and moving image: the technical and theoretical speed.
4. The Family of Man.
5. Street Photography.
6. Between f64 and New Topographics.
7. The german school.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous evaluation: class attendance and constructive participation (20%) + frequency (80%)
Final exam (100%)
Assessment of answers, requiring interpretation and problematization.

- Sena, A. (1998). História da imagem fotográfica em Portugal, 1839-1997. .: Porto Editora
- Gilardi, A. (2000). Storia sociale della fotografia. .: Ed. Bruno Mondadori
- Rosemblum, N. (1998). Une histoire mondiale de la photographie. .: Editions Abbeville
- Szarkowski, J. (2007). The Photographer's Eye. New York: The Museum of Modern Art

Method of interaction
Lectures supported by case study analysis and multimedia presentations

Software used in class