Organisational Information Systems

Computer Engineering
5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 70,0 TP

- Nuno José Valente Lopes Madeira

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1.The students should be able to discriminate between information systems and their underlying information technologies
2. Understand the strategic importance of Information Systems in organizations.
3. Be aware of the role of IT and its associated processes within an organisation.

a) Organizational Information Systems: Supported Processes - Value Chain; Evolution of Information Systems.
b) Solutions Map; Content and Information Flow; Existing Market Tools.
c) Organization of an IT Department; Evaluation of Investments in IT, IT Audit, IT Security, Risk Analysis, Aligning Cobit, ITIL and Safety Standards; legislation.

Evaluation Methodology
Written tests. Presentations and teamwork.

- Rascao, J. (2004). Sistemas de Informacao para as Organizacoes. .: Edicoes Silabo
- Bach, S. (2001). A Gestao de Sistemas de Informacao. .: Centro Atlantico
- Silva, P. e Torres, C. e Carvalho, H. (2003). A Seguranca dos Sistemas de Informacao. .: Centro Atlantico
- Madeira, N. (0). Sistemas de Informacao nas Organizacoes - Apontamentos e material de apoio. Acedido em 21 de fevereiro de 2016 em

Method of interaction
Lectures and teamwork. Workshops using applications in real environment.

Software used in class
IBM Cognos Insight, Software for Business Process Management; Microsoft Dynamics.