Civil Engineering

7 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 90,0 TP + 30,0 OT


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The students should be able to develop, systematise and apply technical and scientific skills acquired in the programme of study (Struct. I & II, Concrete I a& II, Foundations, Building Mat. I & II; Gener. Build. Processes. I & II, On-Site Manag. and Build. Physics) by designing a reinforced concrete structure and analysing a complete construction project. This module is mainly based upon those of Structures and Constructions.

Design and pre-dimensioning of a concrete structure; Analysis and dimensioning of a structural system; Drawing up of a structural project.
Project Management: 1.Project measurements quantities;2. Plan and Budget; 3.Construction site planning; 4. Health and Safety Plan; 5. Construction and Demolition Waste Control and Management Plan; 6. Acoustic compliance check.

Evaluation Methodology
It is mandatory to carry out all work proposed for the two modules, which must be delivered on the dates defined at the beginning of the semester. The final classification results from the arithmetic mean of the classifications obtained in the Structures and Construction modules. The student is approved if the classification in each of the modules (and the final classification) is equal to or greater than 10 values.

- Moreira, A. e Costa, C. Slides e apontamentos de apoio fornecidos nas aulas de projeto.. :
Regulamentação e normas: RSA, REBAP. :
Especificações técnicas e catálogos. :
Apontamentos e bibliografia das várias UC?s do plano do Curso. .: .

Method of interaction
Practical assignments related with project and analysis of a common concrete building with the supervision of the lecturers in charge of the modules Structures and Constructions.

Software used in class