Pós-Graduação em Marketing Territorial

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, , 21,0 TP



It is intended to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the specific area of ​​preservation and conservation of graphic documents. In the end the student should be able to solve problems and make proposals for the future preservation of the collection in its charge.

1.Graphic Documents
2.Preventive Conservation
3.Handling graphic documents collections
4.Basic techniques of conservation and restoration: materials and procedures
5.Evaluation of environmental conditions of paper collections
6.Integrated Pest Control
7.Housing, storage, display and transport of paper collections
8.Disaster Planning
9.Ethical principles

Evaluation Methodology
Individual Report, focusing on to a library and / or an archive (student's choice) or examination. Minimum grade of 9.5 out of 20.


Method of interaction
Lectures, which expose the preservation and conservation theme and illustrate the practical application of the theoretical component.

Software used in class