Standardisation of Healthcare Computer Systems

Mestrado em Informática na Saúde (pós-laboral), Publication in the Diário da República - Despacho 23/08/2011

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 32,0 T + 16,0 TP + 12,0 OT



The objectives of this course are:
1 - Raising awareness on the need for standardization of health information systems;
2 - To meet existing standards, their creative processes and associated organizations;
3 - Teaching the terminologies and classifications used in the standardization of health information systems;
4 - To meet the standards nationally and globally most used for the storage and data communication in health;
5 - Transmit the concepts necessary to undertake analysis of effective compliance of standards necessary for the proper functioning of health information.
Skills to be acquired:
? Recognize the import of the standardization of systems and applications in the health sector;
? Know the different standards for computer systems in the health sector;
? Know how to assess the need and effective enforcement of rules necessary for the proper functioning of health information.

Objectives of the standardization in health informatics;
Standards in health informatics
? The process of creating standards
? Organizations;
Terminologies and classifications;
Specific terminology;
Standards for storage processes and data exchange
? HL7 and DICOM standards;
The national situation

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation method consists in performing an individual written test, with a weight of 60% of the final classification, and the presentation of a report resulting from a research and applied research to a real case, with a weight of 40% of final classification. To obtain approval for the course the student must achieve a final grade, averaged from the two components of assessment, equal to greater than 9.5.

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Method of interaction
Given the objectives of the course Standardization in Health Informatics Systems the method of teaching practice is the oral exposition of the syllabus provided (lectures) and the presentation and discussion of topics related to them (theoretical-practical classes). Are also provided tutorial orientation sessions, and still used the IPT e-learning platform as a tool for disseminating information, answering questions, posting handouts, fact sheets, exercise, etc.

Software used in class